NCAA Division III

A Message from the Division III Presidents Council

Chair and Vice Chair

It is hard to believe that the end of the traditional academic year is upon us and with it commencement celebrations. We trust this academic year has been full of positive surprises and accomplishments on your campus.

It is our intent to provide you with highlights of the April 2016 Presidents Council meeting.  We encourage you to review and discuss relevant issues at your next conference meeting.

Board of Governors (BOG) Updates

  • Due to the recent resignation of the current BOG chair, vice chair Jay Lemons, president at Susquehanna  University, will serve as the interim BOG chair through the board's August meeting.
  • The Council offered unanimous support for a proposal from the BOG Ad Hoc Committee on Structure and Composition recommending an increase from two to four voting representatives each from Division II and Division III on the board. The current structure includes 12 representatives from Division I with two voting representatives from Division II and two from Division III. The council endorsed the proposed increase in divisional representatives in principle believing the increase would better reflect the overall composition of the Association's membership and the BOG's Association-wide responsibilities. The BOG is now seeking additional feedback from Divisions I, II and III regarding the proposal.  The board will consider this proposal at its August meeting. If approved for sponsorship, the proposal will go before the membership for an Association-wide vote in Jan. 2017.

  • The BOG issued a policy statement to protect participants and spectators from discrimination at NCAA events.  The policy requires hosts to demonstrate how they will provide an event environment that is safe, healthy and free of discrimination for our student-athletes as well as those in attendance.


The Council approved a series of recommendations for championships enhancements and bracket expansions. These enhancements will go into effect over the next two academic years.

Enforcement and Committee on Infractions Update

The Council received updates on the enforcement and Committee on Infractions process in the light of recent high profile cases in Division III.  We learned that financial aid is among the most frequently violated rules.  We recommend that presidents be proactive and encourage financial aid, admissions and athletics staff to meet on a regular basis and use this resource to aid institutions in staying compliant with financial aid requirements.

Sport Science Institute (SSI) Updates

SSI reviewed its nine strategic initiatives and, in particular, the recent release of a mental health resource and outcomes from the recent Football Safety Summit .  In addition, the Council also heard of potential legislation for 2018 that would require each school to designate a director of medical services. The proposal would not necessitate the hiring of new personnel; merely require the designation of an appropriate staff member (e.g. head athletic trainer or team physician) to assume the role. The Council encourages Division III member institutions to begin the process of identifying someone to fulfill the proposed requirement.


You can find a recap of the April President's Council meeting in addition to the Summary of Actions that highlights all Council actions.

As always, we welcome any comments or questions.

Alan Cureton, chair
University of Northwestern - St. Paul

Jay Lemons, vice chair
Susquehanna University


Dan Dutcher

Vice President for Division III

Louise McCleary

Director of Division III

Jay Jones

Associate Director of Division III

Debbie Kresge

Executive Assistant for Division III

Debbie Brown

Administrative Assistant for Division III

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