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Infrastructure: your flightpath to income.

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Funding the retirement lifestyle you've always dreamed of needs healthy, reliable income. For SMSF investors, that typically means investing in a mix of equities, bonds and term deposits. Shares can generate attractive dividends but that income isn't guaranteed. Term deposits and bonds are more stable but tend to generate less income.

One solution is to think big. Big assets, that is. Infrastructure from roads, rail and airports to hospitals and schools offers unique portfolio benefits. For years, commercial investors have sought out infrastructure for its stability and resilience. Now you can, too.

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Our e-book explains:

  • Why diversification is a smarter strategy than chasing income
  • How infrastructure balances the risk profiles of your existing investments
  • What benefits infrastructure assets bring to your portfolio
  • How SMSFs can access infrastructure assets
  • Why infrastructure's long term focus is a wise match for the needs of SMSFs
  • Risks