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A regular round-up of updates from across the global Inclusive Future of Work community, including Action Projects, Pioneers and relevant research.

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The latest from Inclusive Future of Work Action Projects
Introducing: The Inclusive Future of Work Podcast Series

We're excited to launch the Inclusive Future of Work Podcast! Tune into the first episode, a  fireside chat  from the St. Louis Launch Event  featured in the January Issuewhere 80+ employers, government representatives and community partners convened to discuss the challenges and – crucially – solutions for the local workforce.

In this episode, Accenture's Lisa Neuberger-Fernandez, Managing Director of Strategy and Innovation for Global Corporate Citizenship, and Eva Sage-Gavin, Senior Managing Director of Global Talent & Organization, discuss the latest innovations in equipping individuals with the skills for lifelong learning and employment. Listen to it on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify or SoundCloud!
Building New Partnerships in St. Louis and London

In the UK, following the completion of ‘Envision’ Phase 1, we are collaborating with PearsonStay Nimble, and the East London Business Alliance, to test ways of improving the efficacy of self-assessments and support people with proactive career navigation based on transferable strengths and their interests. In our research, we recognized an opportunity to improve how assessments can easily and credibly identify automation-resilient strengths. During a design sprint, we prototyped and tested a reimagined assessment experience to help us determine where we could make the biggest impact in the user journey. This allowed us to see firsthand how self-reflection on strengths can power a meaningful career transition.

Following last Fall’s community ideation and design workshops in St. Louis, Accenture is activating a coalition of partners, including employers and new skilling organizations (like LaunchCode and Midwest Cyber Center), to shape a work-based learning model for mid-career workers. The coalition will identify and support local mid-career workers without post-secondary education, transition into digitally-resilient roles in three high-growth industries: IT, healthcare and advanced manufacturing.

To celebrate this progress and formalize our commitment to building an Inclusive Future of Work, we have included a section on the initiative in our newly-launched Accenture 2018 Corporate Citizenship Report. Read the full report.

Organizations working today to build tomorrow’s Inclusive Future of Work
Image: We Are Peers
Meet We Are Peers, a Start-up Offering a Collaborative Way of Learning

We Are Peers (WAP) believes that people learn better by teaching others, and that the most valuable learning occurs through peer interactions and social networks. Founded in 2017 at the Emlyon Business School in France, today WAP is specialized in deploying peer-learning within organizations through events and programs using their platform. Last year, the start-up helped to ‘new skill’ more than 3,500 employees in 30 organizations, which include Sanofi, Air France, and Societe Generale, through its teaching method.

So, how does it work? WAP builds peer-learning groups that come together to share knowledge in short sessions, each of which produces educational content that generates a knowledge base. WAP’s digital platform allows participants to find a peer group, build tutorials during sessions and share feedback. It’s goal is to offer all employees a horizontal training system to find their place in the new economy.
Visit We Are Peers
Recent news and research on building an Inclusive Future of Work
Image: Business Roundtable
Image: International Labour Organization
of Work has Recommendations for a Brighter Future
(via International Labour Organization) 
Image: JPMorgan Chase & Co.
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