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MONTHLY UPDATE // issue no. 175 // august 2020
This update is a tool to enhance communication between the NCAA national office and the Division III membership, with distribution to athletics directors, senior woman administrators, faculty athletics representatives, presidents, national Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, conference commissioners and the National Association of Division III Athletic Administrators (NADIIIAA) electronic mailing list. We encourage athletics directors to share this communication with their athletics department members. Please contact Louise McCleary to include an item or share comments, and remember to check out the Division III governance homepage for the latest news.


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Resocialization of Collegiate Sport:  Action Plan Considerations

A third publication regarding the resocialization of sport, Developing Standards for Practice and Competition updates two prior documents and provides new guidance to assist NCAA members with their efforts to provide a healthy and safe athletics environment. In addition to this publication, there are two new documents available on the topic:
  • A Checklist to provide guidance to athletics administrators and other responsible parties regarding resocialization of collegiate sport, specifically related to developing standards for practice and competition.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions document addresses questions from the membership related to the resocialization process. 
Neither the Checklist nor the FAQ is intended as a clinical practice guideline or legal standard of care and should not be interpreted as such. They serve as a guide and, as such, are of a general nature, consistent with the reasonable practice of the athletics administrator professional. Decisions will depend on the facts and circumstances specific to federal, state, local and individual school guidelines.

Name, Image and Likeness

At its July meeting, the Management Council advanced two legislative concepts on name, image and likeness recommended by the Division III Name, Image and Likeness Oversight Working Group. The first concept would allow students to use their status as athletes to promote their own work product or service. The second would allow students to use their status as athletes to endorse third-party products or services, provided there is no institutional involvement in procuring the promotional opportunities (except to the extent the school is involved with assisting students generally).  At its meeting in August, the Division III Presidents Council will finalize the legislative proposals that the division will vote on at the 2021 NCAA Convention and will be implemented in the 2021-22 academic year.

National SAAC Discusses Social Justice

Over the past two months, the Division III National Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has participated in several discussions regarding social justice.  The committee has discussed its “why” for pursuing change; the impacts of racial injustice on intercollegiate athletics; and the role of Division III campus SAACs.  Click here for a flier summarizing these initial discussions and steps to change the conversation.

Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

The Eligibility Center has released the 2020-21 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete . The guide is designed to help college-bound student-athletes, their families and high school administrators understand the NCAA initial-eligibility and recruiting process.

Attestation of Rules Compliance

The Attestation of Compliance Obligations for Presidents and Chancellors and the Attestation of Compliance Obligations for Directors of Athletics will launch August 10. To satisfy this requirement,  each president/chancellor and director of athletics must complete an online attestation course by Oct. 15. The five to seven minute courses will be available via the NCAA Learning Portal ( also known as Division III University). The institution’s Single Source Sign-On administrator will give access to the learning portal and assign the course. Additional information is also available on the NCAA website in the upper right blue box titled “Attestation of Compliance Obligations”.

Division III Webinars

Future webinars will occur from 1:30 to 2 p.m. Eastern time on the following dates and topics:
  • Sept. 1 – Association-wide Strategic Plan.
  • Oct. 6 – To be determined.
  • Nov. 3 – Management and Presidents Council Meeting Updates.
All past webinar PowerPoints are available on the Division III website.

2019-20 Identity Initiative Purchasing Website

There is only one month left to use your $500 purchasing website credit.  Log in through My Apps and select the Division III Purchasing icon or click here .  Access the site by entering the email address of your institution's director of athletics (or for conferences, the commissioner's email address) as the username.  Then enter the password you created. For assistance, contact Kristen Zeedyk at Source One Digital.


While you look for effective ways to serve students in a virtual format, remember that Division III members have access to a turnkey alcohol prevention tool, the personalized feedback index (PFI).  The PFI is a confidential online tool for students to answer a series of questions about their alcohol use, receive feedback on the impact of that use and see how their behavior compares to that of other students.  It is an evidence-based intervention that can be useful to help students who feel isolated, are struggling to manage stress, or are grieving the loss of their traditional college experience.  The program is available at 360proof.org.  Please contact Leah Kareti with any questions about 360 Proof.  Don't miss us on Twitter for 360 Proof highlights, tips and tutorials: @Real360Proof.


Division III plans to conduct the sixth annual Athletics Direct Report (ADR) Institute Jan. 13-14, 2021, at the NCAA Convention in Washington, D.C.  The event will move to a virtual format if the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacts the format of the Convention or group events, generally. The purpose of the program is to engage Division III ADRs in best practices to oversee and manage athletics departments and to improve the relationships between ADRs and their presidents, directors of athletics and conference commissioners. The two-day program includes networking opportunities and interactive discussions with ADR peers and other expert presenters.  Click here for event details. ADR Institute participants will receive a registration fee waiver to the Convention to continue their professional development. The institute also provides travel, meals and lodging for all participants.
Nominations will close at 5 p.m. Eastern time Aug. 15.  Eligible nominators include commissioners, presidents/chancellors and directors of athletics.   ADRs also may self-nominate for the institute. Please contact Leah Kareti with any questions.


The New FAR Orientation is scheduled for Feb. 18-20, 2021, in Indianapolis. The event will move to a virtual format if the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacts travel or in-person meeting opportunities at that time. FARs with less than two years of experience will be invited to apply for the program, which focuses on understanding the Division III model of athletics and exploring the role of a Division III FAR.  Also, participants will have the opportunity to establish goals for engagement in the role.  This program is fully funded by Division III, including participant travel.  Applications will be open Oct. 1 to Nov. 15, with selection announcements made by Dec. 1. Contact Leah Kareti with any questions.


The Sport Science Institute announced that the NCAA Freshman Experience curriculum is open for registration for freshman and first-year transfer student-athletes on a first-come, first-serve basis at no charge to the membership for the 2020-21 academic year. SSI has created a landing page for schools to sign up at  thefreshmanexperience.org .  The curriculum, developed in partnership with the Institute to Promote Athlete Health and Wellness at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, is an online, evidence-based curriculum designed to promote student-athlete well-being through healthy behavioral strategies. If you have any questions regarding the NCAA Freshman Experience or other sports medicine/science topics, send them to the NCAA Sport Science Institute at ssi@ncaa.org.

Drug-Testing and Education Resources

The Sport Science Institute announces the release of the following resources as part of its annual drug-testing and education efforts:
  • 2020-21 NCAA Drug-Testing Program Protocol.  This resource for athletics administrators provides detailed information about the NCAA drug-testing process.
  • 2020-21 NCAA Drug Policies Brochure.  This resource for student-athletes provides information about NCAA banned drugs. 
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Tool Kit .  This comprehensive resource provides recommended approaches and evidence-based resources for athletics administrators to address alcohol, marijuana and prescription drug abuse. Within the tool kit, member schools will find checklists and strategies that support campus collaborations and promote engagement with those campus colleagues who have primary responsibilities for student wellness and substance abuse prevention. 
Physical copies of these resources will not be mailed to member institutions this year. Click here for downloadable PDF versions.


Human Interest Stories

As a reminder, sports information directors are encouraged to send human interest stories, highlights, and videos to d3identity@ncaa.org. In this time of uncertainty, let’s continue to use this opportunity to showcase and recognize Division III student-athletes on and off the field.

NCAA and D3SIDA Recognition Award

Submissions for the Division III and D3SIDA recognition award are open through Oct. 15.  Click here for more details. The award is a partnership between the Division III governance staff and the Division III College Sports Information Directors of America.  The recognition program is part of the Division III Identity Initiative.  It seeks to honor the best news releases, feature articles, videos, blogs and other materials produced by Division III campus and conference athletics communication offices to portray the Division III identity and student-athlete experience.

Division III Identity Initiative 10-Year Anniversary

Division III’s Identity Initiative was introduced in 2010 to sharpen the division’s identity and to enable schools and conferences to more effectively explain why they prefer to compete in Division III. The initiative has been guided by a strategic-positioning platform, describing Division III as a place where student-athletes can “follow your passions and develop your potential,” within an approach that combines rigorous academics, competitive sports and an opportunity to pursue other interests. The 2020-21 academic year marks the 10-year anniversary of the initiative. Division III staff intends to recognize the impact of this initiative with the help of the membership. More updates will come in the fall. For more information on the Identity Initiative, click here.


The New Jersey City University is the July recipient of the Division III Diversity Spotlight Initiative.  In early June, the athletics department, in conjunction with the NJCU community, gathered in solidarity to collectively grieve and reflect, while offering encouragement and healing to the local community. All who gathered also participated in a march to share their voices. The event culminated in a community cleanup at Berry Lane Park in Jersey City.  Click here for opening remarks from Shawn Tucker, NJCU athletics director.

To submit an initiative for consideration for August, email Louise McCleary, with a brief statement (no more than 500 words) as to why your institution or conference office deserves to be the spotlight recipient. Attach a video or photo if applicable. The nomination deadline is Aug. 21.

Diversity Tip of the Month

To date, the majority of Division III institutions and conference offices have signed the NCAA Presidential Pledge .  Signatories pledge to specifically commit to establishing initiatives for achieving ethnic and racial diversity, gender equity and inclusion, with a focus on hiring practices in intercollegiate athletics, to reflect the diversity of our membership and our nation.  Learn more about diversity in the workplace with Division III’s The Diverse Workforce: Recruitment and Retention Basics for Division III Athletics Departments or click here for other resources.


Spotlight Poll

The NCAA Division III Special Olympics Spotlight Poll is a story-telling initiative on ncaa.org/D3SpecialOlympics .  It features new stories each month that highlight a Division III and Special Olympics joint activity or event.  The story with the highest number of votes on the 25th day of each month is the winner. That institution or conference receives $500 to use for its next Special Olympics event. Written and digital submissions both are accepted.  Featured stories are selected based on inclusion of the student-athlete perspective and Division III messaging. To submit a story for consideration, email d3specialolympics@ncaa.org.

July Winner

After 453 total votes, Eastern Nazarene Hosts Special Olympics Unified Basketball Series, won the July Special Olympics Spotlight Poll by gathering 77% (350) of the total votes. The Lions will receive $500 to use for their next Special Olympics event.

August Nominees

Click here to vote starting Monday, Aug. 3.  The winner will be announced Aug. 26.


Rule of the Month

NCAA Bylaw 14.5.1 states that any transfer student-athlete in Division III is required to complete an academic year of residence at the certifying institution before being eligible to compete for or receive travel expenses for competition from the institution, unless the student-athlete satisfies an applicable transfer exception.
Two-Year College Exceptions.  Per Bylaw, a student-athlete who transfers from a two-year institution shall be immediately eligible if:  
  • The student-athlete never practiced or competed in intercollegiate athletics; or 
  • The student-athlete would have been athletically and academically eligible had the student-athlete remained at the two-year institution.
4-2-4 Transfer Exceptions .  Per Bylaw, a student-athlete who was transfer from a four-year institution to a two-year institution and then to the certifying institution shall be eligible if:
  • The student-athlete would have been academically and athletically eligible at the time the student-athlete transferred from the four-year institution; or
  • The student-athlete successfully completed at least 24-semester or 36-quarter hours of transferable-degree credit at the two-year college and has spent at least two full-semester or three full-time quarters at the two-year institution.
Four-Year College Exceptions . Per Bylaw, a student-athlete who transfers from a four-year institution shall be immediately eligible if:
  • The student-athlete never practiced or competed in intercollegiate athletics.
  • The student-athlete would have been athletically and academically eligible at the time of transfer to the certifying institution, had the student-athlete remained at the previous institution; or
  • The previous four-year institution did not sponsor the student-athlete’s sport and while at the four-year institution, the student-athlete:
    • Completed at east 24-semester or 36 quarter hours of transferable degree credit.
    • Completed at least two full-time semesters or three full-time quarters.
Academic Year of Residence. Bylaw 14.02.10 defines what constitutes a year of residence. For purposes of a year in residence, a student-athlete must be enrolled full-time during the regular academic year. A summer term may not be used to satisfy the year in residence. Additionally, a student-athlete serves a year in residence (, if the student-athlete:
  • Is enrolled in and completes a full-time course load for two full semesters or three full quarters, or
  • The student-athlete is enrolled in a full-time course load for two semesters or three quarters and passes the hours (including hours eared during the summer) at least equal to the hours that would represent a full-time load for each of the required terms.
Recent Interpretations

Official Interpretation: Hardship Waiver -- Competition in Second Half of Season. The NCAA Division III Interpretations and Legislation Committee confirmed that a student-athlete does not qualify for a hardship waiver if the individual engages in any outside competition during the second half of the institution's traditional season, including competition while not representing the institution.  [References: Bylaws 14.2.5 (hardship waiver); (reinjury in second half of season)]

2021 NCAA Convention - Division III IPOPL

There will be no IPOPL published for the 2021 NCAA Convention. The Division III Initial Publication of Proposed Legislation (IPOPL) is published and provided to the Division III membership to provide all proposed amendments to NCAA legislation that were properly submitted from the Division III membership in accordance with the July 15 deadline in the NCAA legislative calendar. Since there were no membership submitted proposals for the 2021 Convention, an IPOPL will not be produced and distributed to the membership.

The 2021 NCAA Convention Division III Second Publication of Proposed Legislation (SPOPL), which will include proposals sponsored by the Division III governance structure, will be available online Sept. 23. The 2021 NCAA Convention Division III Official Notice, which will include final versions of proposed legislation, will be available to Convention attendees in an online format only. The Official Notice will be available Nov. 15. 

Please contact Bill Regan or Jeff Myers if you have any questions regarding the either the IPOPL or SPOPL.

NCAA Division III Manuals

In response to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic the NCAA will not print Divisional Manuals for the 2020-21 academic year.  As a result, institutions and conference offices will not receive hard-copy versions of the manual nor have the option to purchase hard-copy versions through NCAA Publications.  Instead, institutions and conferences may use LSDBi (which always has the most up-to-date version of NCAA legislation) to download electronic versions of the standard manual or other  custom reports (e.g., sport-specific) and print such versions as needed

Compliance Forms

The 2020-21 compliance forms are now available for your use.  The Student-Athlete Statement, Drug Testing Consent Form, International Student-Athlete Form and the HIPAA/Buckley Amendment Consent Form can all be found on the Division III compliance page and by clicking on this link.  Thank you for your patience as these forms underwent a thorough review ahead of this academic year!

Rules Test

The 2020-21 Division III Rules Test is now live.  Please remember that, per Bylaw 11.8, your institution must administer the NCAA Division III Rules Test to all head coaches and athletics administrators with compliance responsibilities on an annual basis. Failure to administer the Rules Test on an annual basis shall be considered an institutional violation per Constitution 2.8.1.

To access the 2020-21 Rules Test, head to the Division III compliance page or click on this link .  The Rules Test page has several pre-test resources for your use, as well as a link for administrators with proctor responsibilities.  Coaches and administers will be asked to select their institution from a drop-down menu and then type in their name to begin the test.  There is no minimum score for the test, but your institution has the discretion to impose a score that would be considered passing. 

If you have questions regarding the test, encounter any issues during its administration or if you are responsible for proctoring the test for your institution and do not have your institution-specific login information (not the same as your NCAA MyApps information), please contact D3CoachesExam@ncaa.org


Reminder:  Educational Programming Available for Chancellors and Presidents

NCAA staff is available to help orient chancellors and presidents to college sports through the Chancellors and Presidents Engagement Program. Contact Sarah Sadowski for more information.

NCAA Postgraduate Internship Program Application

The NCAA urges you to inform talented young professionals, recent graduates and current student-athletes within your personal and professional networks who are interested in pursuing a career in college sports about the NCAA Postgraduate Internship Program , which will begin accepting applications on Wed., Aug. 5. To access the application via NCAA Program Hub, click here.  Shaping the next generation of leaders in intercollegiate athletics since 1989, the NCAA postgraduate internship program represents one of the most rewarding and transformational opportunities for young professionals seeking to launch their careers in the athletics industry. With a focus on ethnic minorities, women and former student-athletes, this yearlong program provides insight on the inner workings of college sports, valuable professional development opportunities and connections that will allow participants to secure full-time positions in sports upon completion. Interns work across all functional areas at the NCAA including administrative services, championships and alliances, communications, executive affairs, governance, inclusion and human resources, and regulatory affairs.  For more information including job descriptions for each position offered, internship alumni testimonials and a video highlighting the impact of the internship, please click here


Men's Gymnastics

The Men’s Gymnastics Committee, with approval from the Playing Rules Oversight Panel, implemented two new modifications beginning with the 2020-21 season. To view the modifications go to 2020-21 Gymnastics Rules of the Game webpage.

Ice Hockey

The Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Rules Committee, with approval from the Playing Rules Oversight Panel, implemented new rules changes beginning with the 2020-21 season. To view the rules changes go to 2020-21 and 2021-22 Major Rules Changes on the Ice Hockey Rules of the Game webpage.

Men's Lacrosse

The Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee, with approval from the Playing Rules Oversight Panel, implemented new rules changes beginning with the 2021 season. To view those rules changes go to 2021 and 2022 Major Rules Changes found on the Men’s Lacrosse Rules of the Game webpage.


The 2020 and 2021 Men’s and Women’s Soccer Rules Book is now available. Click here to access the book.


The Softball Rules Committee, with approval from the Playing Rules Oversight Panel, implemented a new rule change beginning with the 2021 season. To view the rule change , go to 2021 Softball Major Rules Change and Experiment Rule on the Softball Rules of the Game webpage.

Men's and Women's Tennis

A summary of 2020-21 ITA rule additions, changes and clarifications is available on the Tennis Rules of the Game webpage.

Women's Volleyball

The 2020 and 2021 NCAA Women’s Volleyball Rules Book is now available. Click here to access the rules book.


Several committees conducted virtual meetings in July. 

Playing and Practice Seasons Subcommittee, July 1, 15, and 28
Administrative Committee, July 8
Interpretations and Legislation Committee, July 15
Membership Committee, July 16
Championships Committee, July 15 and 30
Division III NIL Oversight Group, July 17
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, July 18-19
Management Council, July 20-21


Dates Meetings Location 
Aug. 3  Presidents Advisory Group Virtual
Aug. 5 Presidents Council Virtual
Aug. 13 Administrative Committee Virtual
Aug. 20 Interpretations and Legislation Committee Virtual
Aug. 20 Membership Committee Virtual
Aug. 27 Administrative Committee Virtual
Sept. 3 Nominations Committee Virtual
Sept. 13-15 Championships Committee with sport chairs Virtual
Sept. 14-15 Committee on Women's Athletics Virtual
Sept. 14-15 Minority Opportunities Interest Committee Virtual
Sept. 17 Membership Committee Virtual
Sept. 21-22 Competitive Safeguards and medical Aspects of Sport Virtual
Sept. 22-23 Interpretations and Legislation Committee Virtual
Oct. 15 Interpretations and Legislation Committee Virtual
Oct. 15 Membership Committee Virtual
Oct. 19-20 Management Council Virtual
Oct. 27-28 Presidents Council Virtual

This email was sent to NCAA Division III chancellors and presidents serving on committees, directors of athletics, athletics direct reports, faculty athletics representatives, senior woman administrators, sports information directors, compliance directors, commissioners, associate and assistant commissioners, provisional, reclassifying and exploratory members, primary and associate members of National SAAC based on contact information in the NCAA Directory.
National Collegiate Athletic Association, 700 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204 US

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