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APRIL 2017

Did You Know?

The following are the latest updates in Division III:

Preseason Football Practice Guidelines Q&A.  In January 2017, the SSI and the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports announced the release of updated Interassociation Consensus Best Practices and Recommendations Regarding Year-Round Football Practice Contact . The recommendations are the product of the Second Safety in College Football Summit, held in February 2016, and include recommendations affecting the upcoming 2017 season.  Click here for additional information and a Q&A document. 

Sexual Assault Awareness.  April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the SSI offers resources such as the Sexual Violence Prevention Tool Kit and the Addressing Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence Guide to support athletics departments in creating and maintaining a safe campus environment. Click here to learn more about ways to get involved in Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Career Next Steps.  Eighteen (18) past Student Immersion Participants will attend the inaugural Division III Career Next Steps Program.  The Program will be held in Indianapolis from May 31-June 4 in coordination with the NCAA Career in Sports Forum.  Participants will explore potential careers in sports, with the primary focus on college athletics. The forum is designed to assist students in charting their career paths, as well as provide an opportunity to network and learn from current athletics professionals.  

Tip of the Quarter

What the best mentors do .  Mentorship comes in many flavors. It doesn't always work unless leaders bear in mind a few common principles. As part of research for a forthcoming book, Anthony K. Tjan has been researching how leaders can better judge and develop their talent in light of a changing, more purpose-driven, more tech-enabled work environment. He interviewed close to 100 leaders among various industries, and one characteristic stands out: They do everything they can to imprint their "goodness" onto others in ways that make others feel like fuller versions of themselves. In this article, discover four additional things that the best mentors do. 

Inside Perspective

Jessica Cherry.jpg

We recently asked Jen Chuks, an Assistant Athletics Director at Williams College, a few questions.

How long have you worked in Division III and what do you enjoy the most? I have worked at Williams College for seven years.  Interacting and engaging with student-athletes is the best part.

What leadership traits do you believe are needed to be a successful athletics director?  I believe that being organized is extremely important to be successful. As a Division III administrator, most people wear many hats, and being able to multitask and balance the varying responsibilities that come your way, is an important skill to have. 

Click here to read the remaining questions and answers.

Opportunities and News to Share!
Division III Committee Vacancies Interested in serving on an NCAA committee?  Click here for openings.  Division III access code: committee3 and Division III password: 2006.

Woman of the Year.  The 2017 Woman of the Year application is now open via the NCAA Program Hub . The school nominations close Monday, June 12, at 5 p.m. Eastern time.  Click here for the School Nomination Tutorial, and here to learn more about the nomination and award process.  

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