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MAY 2020



The following are the latest updates in Division III:

COVID-19 Resources

The national office has created several resource pages to assist the membership with the impact of the coronavirus.  Key resource pages include the following:
  1. Sport Science Institute COVID-19 resource page;
  2. Division III compliance page  and COVID-19 Q&A; and
  3. The NCAA Social Series with members of the NCAA COVID-19 Advisory Panel and other guests.

Division III Diversity Grant Recipients

Thirty-one total institutions and conference offices will receive diversity grants for the upcoming cycles of the Ethnic Minorities and Women’s Internship Grant  (23 recipients) and the Strategic Alliance Matching Grant (eight recipients).  The full list of recipients can be found  here.

LGBTQ OneTeam Recognition Awards

The new annual LGBTQ OneTeam Awards  - an opportunity to recognize those who foster inclusive environments - is currently accepting nominations.  Visit the NCAA Program Hub to submit nominations until June 1.

NCAA Demographics Database

The newly designed interactive online NCAA demographics database is now available.  The data in this searchable database includes information on NCAA members schools’ student-athletes, coaches and administrators – gender, race and ethnicity. The information can be viewed at the divisional, conference and sport levels. The data are from school years 2011-12 through 2018-19.  If you have questions, contact  Erin Irick.

Woman of the Year

Nominations for the 2020 NCAA Woman of the Year program are now open via Program Hub. Visit the NCAA Woman of the Year Nomination and Award Process webpage and the  Eligibility and Nomination Process FAQ for more information.



Polarization and conflict seem to be everywhere these days, and the workplace is no exception.  When you spend a great deal of time with colleagues, chances are that some conflicts are going to arise.   Finding common ground can be a challenge.  Try these six steps to approach finding a common ground.



We asked Joni Williamson the athletics director at Warren Wilson College  a few questions.
How have you continued to lead your department during the coronavirus?  
By communicating often, being transparent, accessible, and supportive, encouraging personal well-being, but also focusing on achieving our goals.
Why is your institution making the transition to Division III?  Warren Wilson College is an excellent match with the Division III philosophy. Our college uses an innovative approach that intentionally integrates applied learning and academics within the liberal arts tradition. We integrate our student-athletes like the general student population while supporting intercollegiate athletics participation.

Click here to read the remaining questions and answers.



Division III Committee Vacancies 

Interested in serving on an NCAA Division III committee?  Check out the current openings and click here for the nomination form.    

Fellowship Opportunities

Check out the Division III May monthly update for two fellowship opportunities.  The Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship welcomes current or former collegiate or high school coaches to apply, and the Nunn-Wooten NFL Scouting Fellowship welcomes former college football student-athletes and current college football recruiting/personnel employees to apply.  The deadline is August 15.


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