If you have fully recovered from COVID-19, donation of your plasma could support the development of a potential therapy for COVID-19.  Click here to learn more

Our BioLife centers collect plasma to make therapies that thousands of people with rare, chronic and complex diseases rely on every day, many of whom have few alternative options. Many of these patients have compromised immune systems, making them especially vulnerable to infection, so it is vital they have continuity of care. 


We appeal to healthy individuals to consider donating plasma to support our efforts to provide these critical therapies. We are taking all possible precautionary measures to make our centers safe, and urgently need people to donate. We appreciate your continued support.

Update April 30, 2020:

In Center Mask/Face Covering necessary as of May 1, 2020
.   Click here to learn more.
Update March 23, 2020:  
BioLife takes the safety of its donors - and donation process - very seriously.  In an attempt to minimize any COVID-19 risk, we are committed to limiting opportunities for close contact and are asking donors to attempt 6 feet of distance between yourselves.
In Center, you will notice that we are assisting this request by increasing separations between EDQ stations, Medical History booths, donor lines and  donor beds.  
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