This update is a tool to enhance communication between the NCAA national office and the Division III membership, with distribution to athletics directors, senior woman administrators, faculty athletics representatives, presidents, national SAAC, conference commissioners and the NADIIIAA listserv. We encourage athletics directors to share this communication with their athletics department members. Please contact Louise McCleary to include an item or share comments, and remember to check out the Division III governance homepage for the latest news and information.


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Name, Image and Likeness

During the 2020 NCAA Convention, Division III delegates engaged in roundtable discussion and provided feedback surrounding student-athletes’ use of their name, image and likeness during the Division III Issues Forum.  Leading up to the April council meetings, key governance committees, including the Interpretations and Legislation Committee and SAAC, will review the feedback and discuss proposed options.  In the spring, the membership will have multiple opportunities to provide additional feedback (for example, at the Conference and Regional Rules Seminars, Division III Commissioners Association meeting, NADIIIAA Summer Forum and Division III Day at CoSIDA).  The governance structure will propose legislation, and the division will act no later than the January 2021 NCAA Convention.  Additional information can be found on the Division III section of the NIL webpage on

Academic Portal

The Academic Portal will open in early March for institutions to enter the required Federal Graduation Rates and Academic Success Rate (ASR) data.  Data will be entered under the "Graduation Rates" tab in the portal and are due June 1.  Please contact Maria DeJulio or Eric Hartung with any questions.

Division III Webinars

A webinar offering updates from the Sport Science Institute will be from 1:30 to 2 p.m. Eastern time, Tuesday, March 3.

Future webinars will be from 1:30 to 2 p.m. Eastern time on the following dates and topics:
  • April 7 - Compliance Resources.
  • May 5 - Federal and State Legislation Working Group Update (Name, Image and Likeness).
Each webinar will be limited to the first 250 participants. All past webinar PowerPoints are on the Division III website.

Division III Week

The ninth annual celebration of Division III Week, scheduled for April 13-19, is a great opportunity to call attention to the unique student-athlete experience enjoyed at our member institutions.  Division III members are asked to highlight the activities and achievements of current student-athletes through scheduling an academic, athletics, co-curricular or extracurricular/ community service activity.  The Division III Week Communications Kit serves as a planning guide, and further information about Division III Week is   available online.  Please let us know, in advance, all planned Division III Week activities, either by submitting information via the  online form, or sending it to  Providing this information in advance will assist the NCAA national office's promotion of the full array of planned activities.  If you have questions, please contact   Adam Skaggs.


Monthly Prevention Tip

Spring break time.  Certainly, not everyone goes on a road trip (in fact, the most common destination for spring break is going home), but for those who do hit the road, this week can be the single heaviest drinking week of the academic year.  What spring break tips can you pass on to students?  What are protective behavioral strategies students can use to reduce harms?  Rewatch the webinar with national expert Matt Martens (whose Protective Behavioral Strategies survey is the “gold standard”) from March 19, 2017 and consider harm reduction strategies that could make a difference during this high-risk time of year.  Also check out the Jan. 31, 2018 webinar from national expert Clayton Neighbors on spring break interventions and the role that norm perceptions play.

Webinar Series

360 Proof offers a monthly webinar series to bring current prevention research to a Division III and NASPA Small College and University audience.  Remaining sessions for 2020 include:
  • 3 p.m. Eastern time March 10:  “Why Do Student Athletes Drink?” Byron Zamboanga, professor of psychology, Smith College.
  • 1 p.m. Eastern time April 8, 1 p.m.: "Engaging Parents as Partners in Prevention”,  Amaura Kemmerer, Northeastern University.
All 360 Proof account holders will receive an invitation to attend these webinar sessions.  Please contact Leah Kareti  with any questions about 360 Proof.

NASPA Annual Conference

Book a one-on-one appointment or come to the 360 Proof exhibit booth at the NASPA Annual Conference on March 30-31 in Austin, Texas. Email  for details.


At the NASPA Annual Conference in Austin, Texas the Division III governance staff will be hosting a session, “Collaboration and Partnerships: Communicating the Value of NCAA Division III Athletics to Support Enrollment” from 11:15 a.m. to 12:05 p.m., March 30, in the Austin Convention Center, Room 9B.  We hope to see you there.


The Division III 2020 New FAR Orientation will be conducted in conjunction with the FARA annual meeting Nov. 4-7 in Indianapolis.   FARs with less than two years of experience are invited to apply for the program which focuses on understanding the Division III model of athletics, exploring the role of a Division III FAR, and enabling participants to get the most out of the FARA Annual meeting.  Also, participants will have the opportunity to build networks of new and experienced FARs, and to establish goals for engagement in the role.  Applications will be open in the Program Hub  from June 15 to Aug. 15, and the program grant covers all attendee expenses.  Contact Leah Kareti  with any questions.


Arrington Settlement

The Sports Science Institute has updated the Frequently Asked Questions document  to facilitate member institutions’ review of the settlement terms.  Additional questions may be submitted to the NCAA national office via the Sport Science Institute at

Sexual Violence Attestation

The 2019-20 attestation form to comply with the NCAA Board of Governors Policy on Campus Sexual Violence opens March 1. The form will be available until May 15 in the assigned NCAA Learning Portal module for the membership and on the policy’s website . All NCAA member schools must complete and upload their form into the NCAA Learning Portal module by May 15. Institutions that are unable to attest their compliance with the policy will not be eligible to host NCAA championships during the next applicable academic year. For frequently asked questions, please see the Board of Governors Policy on Campus Sexual Violence FAQ.

Concussion Conference

In partnership with the Atlantic Coast Conference and Virginia Tech, the NCAA Sport Science Institute will conduct the Fourth Annual NCAA-Department of Defense Grand Alliance Concussion Conference: A New Era of Scientific Collaboration. This day-long event will be Thursday, April 23 in Blacksburg, Virginia and will build on the first three sport-related concussion conferences. Concussion experts and researchers will share preliminary and recently publicized data from the NCAA-U.S. Department of Defense Grand Alliance. More information and registration details will be emailed to member schools in early spring.


NCAA and D3SIDA Recognition Award

Congratulations Ali Paquette, Middlebury College assistant director of athletics communications on receiving the 2020 Winter Division III and D3SIDA Recognition Award!  The selection committee of D3SIDA members chose Paquette’s story titled: The Road To A National Championship. The story was exceptionally well done, and Division III and D3SIDA applaud the work and effort. Award winners receive a $1,500 credit to attend Division III Day held in conjunction with the annual 2020 CoSIDA convention. 

The next submission round for the NCAA Division III and D3SIDA recognition award is March 15 to May 1.  Click here for more details. The award is a partnership between the Division III governance staff and the Division III College Sports Information Directors of America.  The recognition program is part of the Division III Identity Initiative.  It seeks to honor the best news releases, feature articles, videos, blogs and other materials produced by Division III campus and conference athletics communication offices to portray the Division III identity and student-athlete experience.

CoSIDA Student Program

For the fourth consecutive year, Division III will support eight women and/or ethnic minority students to attend the annual CoSIDA Convention, including Division III Day, June 7-10, through the  Division III CoSIDA Student Program

Program participants who meet the following criteria will be given preference: 
  • Female and/or ethnic minority students;
  • Current junior class academic standing;
  • Work experience in a campus or conference athletics communication/sports information office; and
  • Strong interest in a career in Division III athletics communication (sports information). 
At the 2020 CoSIDA Convention in Las Vegas, the selected students will participate in Division III Day, and be exposed to the CoSIDA Convention, its delegates and the athletics communication profession. Grant recipients will attend welcome and debriefing meetings and be assigned a mentor.  The goal is to build the pipeline to diversify the Division III athletics communication landscape.

The nomination/application process will be available on 
NCAA Program Hub through March 15.


The Landmark Conference is the recipient of the February Division III Diversity Spotlight Initiative. The conference hosted its second Women in Sports Symposium for conference members and student-athletes. This year’s symposium, Women in Sports: Avenues to Athletics, worked with Strive Leadership to coordinate two days of programming for attendees. Strive mediated four sessions that included focused conversations and activities on cultivating resilience and success, communication, goal setting and more.  Click here for the full article with quotes from attendees and access to a photo from the event.

The Diversity Spotlight Initiative recognizes and promotes outstanding diversity related projects, programming and initiatives occurring on Division III campuses and in conference offices.  All selected recipients receive $500 toward their next diversity initiative.  To submit an initiative for consideration for May, email Louise McCleary, with a brief statement (no more than 500 words) as to why your institution or conference office deserves to be the spotlight recipient. Attach a video or photo if applicable. The nomination deadline is March 21.

Diversity Tip of the Month - Diversity Database

The governance staff has a database of all past female and ethnic minority intern and grant participants, as well as participants in any other Division III diversity programming.  To date, we have identified over 400 individuals.  If you are looking to diversify candidate pools and want access to this database, please email


Spotlight Poll

The NCAA Division III Special Olympics Spotlight Poll is a story-telling initiative on .  It features new stories each month that highlight a Division III and Special Olympics joint activity or event.  The story with the highest number of votes on the 25th day of each month is the winner. That institution or conference receives $500 to use for its next Special Olympics event. Written and digital submissions both are accepted.  Featured stories are selected based on inclusion of the student-athlete perspective and Division III messaging. To submit a story for consideration, email

February Winner

After 667 total votes, Hamline Takes Home SOMN Hammer won the February Special Olympics Spotlight Poll by gathering 61 percent of the total votes.  The Pipers will receive $500 to use for its next Special Olympics event.

March Nominees

Click here  to vote starting Monday, March 2. The winner will be announced March 26.


Rule of the Month

Institutions may participate in a foreign tour per Bylaw 17.29. When an institution is participating in a foreign tour it must certify in writing (click here to see a model form) that it has met the conditions in Bylaw 17.29 and must keep that certification on file in the athletics department. Further, there are four areas to focus on when planning a foreign tour for your institution:

Timing . Bylaw requires that a foreign tour be scheduled during the summer-vacation period or during any vacation period published in the institution’s official catalog. It’s important to note that all travel to and from the foreign country must occur during the vacation period. Tours also are limited to once every three years per sport. 

Practice. A team is permitted up to 10 days of practice before leaving on a foreign tour.  Those days do not have to be consecutive if there are extenuating circumstances (like exams, convocation, etc.) but they must occur during the 20 calendar days immediately before the departure date. (Bylaw

Student-athlete eligibility .  Only student-athletes who are eligible for intercollegiate competition may accompany a team on a foreign tour.  If the tour takes place during the summer, the student-athlete must have been eligible during the previous academic year or must have been enrolled at the institution as a full-time student during the previous academic year and have established eligibility for the next year by the beginning of the tour (Bylaw 

Incoming freshmen or transfer student-athletes are not excluded from foreign tours that take place the summer before their enrollment, provided the foreign tour begins after the permissible starting date for practice in the sport and the incoming student-athlete is eligible to represent the institution in intercollegiate competition during the academic year immediately after the tour (Bylaw

Competition and opponents .  When taking part in a foreign tour, teams are limited to a maximum of three football games, 10 basketball games or 10 contests or dates of competition in any other sport (Bylaw  Also, teams are not permitted to compete against other American teams (colleges or otherwise) on a foreign tour except for a team composed of U.S. armed forces personnel stationed at a U.S. military base in foreign countries (Bylaw

Always feel free to submit foreign tour questions into RSRO to see if different activities are permissible during the trip!

Sports Wagering

With increased media attention around fantasy leagues, as well as the upcoming NCAA basketball tournaments, remember that sports wagering is not allowed under Bylaw 10.3. The Association and its member schools and conferences oppose all forms of legal and illegal sports wagering due to its threat to the well-being of college athletes and the integrity of college sports.  Student-athletes, coaches, conference staff members, athletics administrators, and nonathletics staff members who have responsibilities within or over athletics departments may not participate in sports wagering or provide information to anyone gambling on sports. NCAA members have defined sports wagering as putting something at risk – such as an entry fee – with the opportunity to win something in return.
Student-athletes risk their eligibility if they participate in sports wagering of any kind by putting something at risk (i.e., money, entry fee or tangible item) for the opportunity to win something.  That would include participation in fantasy leagues; online sports betting; March Madness brackets; Super Bowl pools; and sports parlay cards.  The staff would like to stress the importance of educating individuals on this prohibition.  In this regard, the enforcement staff has created a Sports Wagering Resource page and Don’t Bet On It poster geared towards student-athletes for institutions to display in athletics facilities and on campus.

Institution should also note that during its January 2020 meeting, the Management Council adopted noncontroversial legislation (NC-2021-03 ). This proposal states that a Division III student-athlete under a sports wagering suspension from a non-NCAA national or international sports governing body shall not participate in intercollegiate competition for the duration of the suspension.

Student-Athlete Reinstatement

During its November 2019 meeting, the Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement endorsed a previously approved request list to permit institutions to approve specific waivers and student-athlete reinstatement requests without submitting a case in the RSRO case management system . (See list ).  The previously approved request list allows institutions to approve waivers or reinstate student-athletes only if the circumstances of a particular case appear on the list and satisfy all established criteria. If the circumstances of a particular case do not appear on the previously approved request list or if the circumstances do not satisfy all established criteria, the institution must submit a waiver or student-athlete reinstatement request through RSRO.  Further, when an institution approves a waiver based on the previously approved request list, it must notify its conference office.  When an institution reinstates a student-athlete’s eligibility based on a previously approved request list, the institution must report the violation to the enforcement staff through RSRO and indicate that the institution reinstated the student-athlete pursuant to the previously approved request list.  Institutions are encouraged to call the student-athlete reinstatement staff at 317-917-6102 with any questions related to the administration of the student-athlete previously approved request list.


Lessons in Management

NCAA leadership development welcomed the inaugural Lessons in Management cohort to Anaheim, California, from Jan. 22-23. Marked by impactful dialogue and thought-provoking curriculum elements, participants were empowered to discover and develop their management styles.  In addition to leaving the program with a new network of supportive industry peers and a refined self-awareness through tools like the Strengths Finder assessment, these administrators were provided the opportunity to engage about topics that shape the ability of first time managers to navigate the transition from leading one’s self to leading others.

The following Division III individuals participated in the program: Emily Adlfinger, Loras College; Mikayla Correia, Massachusetts Maritime Academy; Stephanie Johnson, Brevard College; Kim Schimmoeller, Bluffton University; Karen Shu, Trinity College (Connecticut); Nicole Veilleux, Colby College; Megan Wilson, University of Wisconsin-Platteville; and Kathryn Delaney, State University of New York, College at Brockport.

NCAA Inclusion Forum

The NCAA office of inclusion opened registration for the 2020 NCAA Inclusion Forum , April 17-19, at the Hilton Denver City Center .  Visit the Inclusion Forum registration webpage to register and learn more about the event. Registration closes Fri., March 13, and spots are limited. The NCAA Inclusion Forum brings together leaders in higher education and intercollegiate athletics and student-athletes passionate about improving the educational and professional environment for student-athletes, coaches and staff. This ninth annual gathering will offer dynamic programming in the core areas of disability, international, LGBTQ, race/ethnicity and women’s issues.  This year’s theme is Inclusion Rising: Reaching New Heights in Creating Cultures of Belonging. Please contact Craig Malveaux, NCAA coordinator of inclusion, with any registration questions.


Men's and Women's Ice Hockey

The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Rules Committee is accepting rules change proposals to be considered for discussion at its annual meeting June 2-5. Please use this  link to record your proposal and rationale. This form must be fully completed for the proposal to be accepted. All proposals must be received by 5 p.m. Monday, April 20.

Men's Lacrosse

As a reminder, by the 2021 season, all institutions that sponsor men’s lacrosse are required to have two shot clocks that can be set/reset to two different times.

The NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee is accepting rules change proposals to be considered for discussion at its annual meeting May 26-29. Please use this link  to record your proposal and rationale. This form must be fully completed for the proposal to be accepted. All proposals must be received by 5 p.m. Monday, April 13.

Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving

Click here to view the most recent rules review memo from the men’s and women’s swimming and diving secretary-rules editor.


Several committees conducted in-person meetings in February.

Championships Committee, February 4-5
Financial Aid Committee, February 10-11
Membership Committee, February 18-19
Nominating Committee, February 19
Interpretations and Legislation Committee, February 20-21
Administrative Committee, February 24-25


Dates Meeting/Championships Location 
 Mar. 3 Men's Basketball Selection Show - 12:30 p.m. Eastern time
Mar. 3 Women's Basketball Selection Show - 2:30 p.m. Eastern time
Mar. 9 Women's Ice Hockey Selection Show - 10 a.m. Eastern time
Mar. 9 Men's Ice Hockey Selection Show - 10:30 a.m. Eastern time
Mar. 13-14 Wrestling Championship Cedar Rapids, IA
Mar. 13-14 Indoor Men's and Women's Track and Field Championship Winston-Salem, NC
Mar. 16 Men's and Women's Soccer Rules Committee Meeting Indianapolis, IN
Mar. 18-21 Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Championship Greensboro, NC
Mar. 20-21 Women's Ice Hockey Championship TBD
Mar. 24 Strategic Planning and Finance Committee Meeting Indianapolis, IN
Mar. 27-28 Men's Ice Hockey Championship Buffalo, NY
Apr. 13-15 Wrestling Rules Committee Meeting Indianapolis, IN
Apr. 15-16 Committee on Women's Athletics Meeting Denver, CO
Apr. 15-16 Minority Opportunities and Interest Committee Meeting Denver, CO
Apr. 16-19 Student-Athlete Leadership Forum Los, Angeles, CA
Apr. 17-19 NCAA Inclusion Forum Denver, CO
Apr. 18-19 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Meeting Indianapolis, IN
Apr. 20-21 Management Council Meeting Indianapolis, IN
Apr. 24-25 Men's Volleyball Championship Dubuque, IA
Apr. 27-28 Women's Bowling Committee Meeting Indianapolis, IN
Apr. 28-29 Presidents Council Meeting Indianapolis, IN
Apr. 30 - May 3 Achieving Communications Success Workshop Baltimore, MD
May 12-15 Men's and Women's Golf Championship Palm Beach, FL
May 13-14 Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement Meeting Indianapolis, IN
May 18-19 Institute for Administrative Advancement Columbus, OH
May 18-23 Men's Tennis Championship St. Louis, MO
May 19-20 Regional Rules Seminar Columbus, OH
May 21-23 Men's and Women's Track Championship Rochester, NY
May 21-26 Softball Championship Tyler, TX
May 23-24 Women's Lacrosse Championship Baltimore, MD
May 23-25 Men's Lacrosse Championship Philadelphia, PA
May 25-31 Women's Tennis Championship St. Louis, MO
May 28-31 Career in Sports Forum Indianapolis, IN
May 29-30 Rowing Championship Oak Ridge, TN
May 29 - Jun. 3 Baseball Championship Cedar Rapids, IA

This email was sent to NCAA Division III presidents/chancellors serving on committees, directors of athletics, athletics direct reports, faculty athletics representatives, senior woman administrators, sports information directors, compliance directors, commissioners, associate and assistant commissioners, provisional/reclassifying/ exploratory members, primary and associate members of National SAAC based on contact information in the NCAA Directory.
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