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Happy New Year! Welcome to The Pulse.

A regular round-up of updates from across the Inclusive Future of Work community, including Action Projects, Pioneers and relevant research.

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St. Louis Launch EventImage: St. Louis Launch Event
Call to action updates CALL TO ACTION UPDATES

The latest from Inclusive Future of Work Action Projects

Call To Action Met With Global Response
THANK YOU to everyone who has engaged with the Inclusive Future of Work since launch:
  • 50+ organizations and individuals who responded to the Call for Collaborators in just 3 weeks,
  • 100+ workshop attendees in London, UK and St. Louis, USA,
  • 800+ who downloaded the Call To Action, and
  • hundreds more who attended Inclusive Future of Work presentations, including at the World Bank, US Chamber of Commerce, and Zinc.
This fall marked the successful completion of ‘Envision’ Phase 1 – a proof of concept, enabling workers to (re-)discover inner strengths and skills, specify personal circumstances and job preferences, and view local vacancies matched to their inputs. Envision, one of the four solution spaces outlined in Inclusive Future of Work: A Call to Action, is focused on developing career pathways built on strengths and confidence of workers.
Throughout September and October, we partnered with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation in North London, and SLATE in St. Louis, MO, to onboard 240+ users onto the tool. On the strength of the resulting feedback, we’re going back to our Innovation Lab to develop a solution which will help people achieve the same goal through a simpler user experience.
During October and November, we hosted two Inclusive Future of Work ideation workshops in St. Louis, MO. Bringing together 80+ employers, government representatives, and workforce development leaders, these workshops formed the start of a conversation across the city on how to collaborate for cross-sector solutions. One of the ideas that rose to the top to explore in St. Louis in 2019 is mid-career apprenticeships. Watch this space!

Image: Shimmy Technologies, Inc.

Organizations working today to build tomorrow’s Inclusive Future of Work

Gamified Learning: An Innovative Approach to New Skilling Workers
Of 60 million garment workers worldwide, most are women of low-income and limited economic opportunity. As sewing automation becomes more prevalent in garment factories, an estimated 24 out of 25 workers are expected to become displaced
Enter Shimmy Technologies, a start-up using AI and game mechanics to equip factory workers with basic literacy and digital skills. Their learning platform, Shimmy Upskill is being piloted in Bangladesh and Indonesia, with preliminary results showing users advancing from limited or no literacy and/or digital exposure, to completion of 4 tablet-based learning modules on computer literacy, digital patternmaking, and 3D modeling within just 4 hours.


Ont the horizon ON THE HORIZON

Recent news and research on building an Inclusive Future of Work

DisneyImage: Disney Disney pilots internal rotational apprenticeships for employees

(via Fast Company)

Image: Bertelsmann Foundation INFOGRAPHIC: State funding for reskilling, released for G20

(via Bertelsmann Foundation)

Image: World Economic Forum AI and Robotics will create 60 million more jobs by 2022

(via World Economic Forum)

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