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Basketball Certification Newsletter

February 2020

BBCS Adult Registration & Renewal
The Basketball Certification System (BBCS) is now open for operators, coaches and organization owners to register or renew for 2020. 

QuickStart guides are available to assist you with this process.
Remember if you are an operator or coach you need to renew your USA Basketball (USAB) Gold license PRIOR to accessing the BBCS.  

Coaches will need to wait until athlete registration and renewal is available before adding athletes to your bench.

Please advise athletes to wait to access the BBCS at this time. See additional details regarding athlete registration and renewal below.

BBCS Athlete Registration & Renewal

BBCS developers are still in the process of finalizing enhancements that will simplify and streamline the BBCS registration and renewal process for athletes in 2020.

Coaches and athletes with an existing BBCS account will receive an email when this process is complete. Athlete emails will contain detailed log in information and should be sent within the next 3-4 weeks.

Athletes who have not already started the BBCS registration & renewal process for 2020 should wait for further instruction from ECAG before attempting to sign in to the BBCS.
Did you know?
The BBCS works best on a computer in the Google Chrome browser. Phones and tablets are discouraged, but if used should be turned sideways for best results. DO NOT use the default Safari browser on Apple products; download the Google Chrome app and use that instead.

Athlete Residency Requirements
The address utilized for a prospective student athlete to participate with a team at NCAA-certified events must comply with the NCAA Residency Requirements. 

Address restrictions are determined by comparing the official address of the team as entered in the BBCS to the address of the athlete.

Once athletes have been added to the bench, the BBCS will identify those athletes who may be in violation of athlete address requirements with a yellow bar below the athlete's entry on the coach's bench.


The coach WILL be required to submit a justification statement and supporting documentation for all flagged athletes via the red REQUIRES Justification button on the bench.

Coaches should referenc
e the Justification Process Step-by-Step and the Athlete Address Requirements and Documentation of Proof Flow Chart to determine if an athlete's address type meets the requirements AND what documentation is REQUIRED to be collected to PROVE they can use the address to play for your team.

Additionally, a video reviewing athlete address requirements and the justification process is available to assist coaches in understanding and complying with NCAA residency requirements.

REMINDER: NCAA Schedule Requirement
All coaches attest to the following in the BBCS: "I understand that a prospective student-athlete (PSA) participating with my organization in NCAA-certified events CANNOT participate in more than two games on any one day and as a coach, I am responsible for making sure that the PSAs on my team are compliant (even if participating on multiple teams)."

A video reviewing various rules and guidelines that apply to all coaches participating in NCAA-certified events is available to assist with coach education.

Financial Responsibility
A coach that will build and manage a Bench from their coach account (acting as a Head Coach) MUST Answer YES or NO to the question "Are you financially responsible for the teams on this bench?"

Select YES if all athletes and coaches will be added to your bench.  This designates you as the person of ultimate authority for the team.  You are responsible for payment of team expenses (entry fees, travel costs, supplies, etc.) and are the person with copies of receipts, invoices, etc. resulting from team operations.

Select NO if you are creating your own bench, but your team is part of an organization that is the entity that will have income and expense information on file for the team. You will need to search for the organization responsible and request to be added. [NOTE: If you do not find your organization, you may need to reach out to the head of that organization and tell them to register.]

If you will not be creating your own bench, but instead will be added as a coach to another coach's bench, you do not need to make a selection regarding financial responsibility.

USAB Gold Coach License
(required to coach in or operate NCAA-certified events)

Registration is open: https://community.usab.com/

Register or renew now to take advantage of the full 2019-20 year of benefits at the lowest price.

If you have an account from a previous season, simply login from the main page to begin the license renewal process. All new coaches will have to click "register" to begin.

ECAG: 1-844-562-6201 (toll free)  |  https://web3.ncaa.org/bbcs/contactForm
National Collegiate Athletic Association, 700 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204 US

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