BioLife Plasma Services is a global leader in the collection of high-quality human source plasma used to make therapies that thousands of children and adults with rare, chronic and complex diseases rely on every day, many of whom have few or no alternative options. Many of these patients have compromised immune systems, making them especially vulnerable to infection, so it is vital they have continuity of care especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Plasma collected from healthy donors is processed into a wide variety of biopharmaceutical therapies essential for treating patients for which there are often few or no other treatment options. To make these therapies, plasma can only be collected from healthy donors; it cannot be created in a lab or other artificial environment. Continued collection of plasma, even in this extraordinary time, is essential to the manufacture of immunoglobulin (IG) therapies, which treat patients living with certain rare, life-threatening immune diseases. Many of these therapies are recognized as “Essential Medicines” for children and adults by the World Health Organization and the CDC and are listed along with other vital treatments like those for tuberculosis, hepatitis B, and heart failure.[2]


[2] World Health Organization, World Health Organization Model List of Essential Medicines 35 (2019),
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