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Basketball Certification Newsletter

October 2019

New Updates to the BBCS
  • Tags & Filters — Coaches can now add “tags” (like keywords) to the athletes and coaches on their bench.  These, along with filters for age, grade, and graduation year, can be used to search and/or narrow down the list of people on the bench to assist with roster creation when multiple teams exist on the same bench.
  • Communication Tab — ECAG can now communicate with coaches, business users and operators on the Communications tab in the BBCS.  When utilized, a warning icon is added to the Communication tab in your BBCS account and an email alert is sent.

Did you know?
  • 2020 Certification Dates are now available!
  • The BBCS works best on a computer in the Google Chrome browser. Phones and tablets are discouraged, but if used should be turned sideways for best results. DO NOT use the default Safari browser on Apple products; download the Google Chrome app and use that instead.
  • If you are an assistant coach (you will be added to another coach’s bench and will NOT create your own), you do NOT need to answer the Yes/No question about financial responsibility.

BBCS Tips and Tricks
  • USAB fees are discounted if you renew your Gold License NOW! Just remember you will have to wait to renew your BBCS account.
  • 2020 BBCS registration opens in January 2020.
  • If you coached in the past, DO NOT create a new account with USAB or in the BBCS. Log in to your USAB account and renew your license first, then in January, log in to the BBCS.  Starting over when you already have an account will prevent the account from being automatically validated and WILL delay the process.
  • If you are not able to log in to the BBCS and receive an error when requesting a password reset, you may have used a different email address for your account.  Contact ECAG if you need assistance.
  • Find BBCS step-by-step guides, resources, and ECAG contact information at: https://ncaa.org/basketballcertification/

New Multiple Login Capabilities for Event Check-In

Event Operators can now link other adult users who are registered in the BBCS to their Event Participant Management lists, allowing them to edit/update rosters as the operator would. This eliminates the need for operators to share their login credentials with staff AND allows for multiple users to access the same event participant list at the same time to aid in the event check-in procedures. The new sub-tab called “My Linked Users” that appears under the OPERATORS tab is where operators go to grant other adult users access to their event participant lists.

Be Aware:
  1. Check-in staff who will be given access to PSA data must register in the BBCS as an adult user, which means they must have a USAB Gold License;
  2. Linked User will not receive an email or alert that an operator has added them to view the operator's Event Participant Management lists. The operator will need to communication that directly. The linked user will see a “My Linked Participant Lists” tab when they log in once they have been added and that is where they go to access those lists;
  3. When an operator adds a linked user, that person will have permissions to see and edit ALL of the operator’s Event Participant Management lists. The operator is encouraged to use caution, minimize the number of individuals with permissions and understand that they are responsible for the data entered by the staff/volunteers who they have allowed to access those lists.

USAB Gold Coach License
(required to coach in or operate NCAA-certified events)

Registration is open: https://community.usab.com/

Register or renew now to take advantage of the full 2019-20 year of benefits at the lowest price.

If you have an account from a previous season, simply login from the main page to begin the license renewal process. All new coaches will have to click "register" to begin.

NCAA College Basketball Academy

The nomination period for the 2020 NCAA College Basketball Academy will open on December 1, 2019

The two sessions of the 2020 NCAA College Basketball Academy will take place July 20-23 (Monday-Thursday) and July 23-26 (Thursday-Sunday) at four regional sites.

For more information, click here, or visit the website.
ECAG: 1-844-562-6201 (toll free)  |  https://web3.ncaa.org/bbcs/contactForm
National Collegiate Athletic Association, 700 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204 US

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