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Life Insurance Awareness Month


Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) and here at Securian Financial, we take an active role in supporting this industry-wide effort. An advisor marketing plan has been assembled to help you make the most of this campaign now and throughout the year.

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Week one: Make connections and start the conversation

43% of Americans aren’t protecting their loved ones with life insurance,1 which means there is a good chance you may know someone who doesn’t have life insurance, giving you the opportunity to help them protect their loved ones.

Week two: Share the facts

It’s a lot easier to help clients and prospects find solutions when they understand the problem

Week three: Build awareness

Various life events can create a need to re-evaluate your clients’ life insurance needs. Take a look at your existing book of business and make a list of clients you think might have experienced a life event over the last year.
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Week four: Set the stage

Instead of trying to explain the importance of having life insurance to prospects – show them.
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